Testimony: What do I want from this class?

What do I want from this class?
Since I began this class, back in September, I have learned so much from the three of you. I feel as though you all have brought me closer to Christ. This past week, we discussed “what we think God wants from us.” After sitting for a while and making a decent list of responsibilities I have, as a follower, I realized where my problems truly lay. I have no problem with prayer, no problems thanking Him and giving Him praise; no problems giving Him my heart; no problems loving Him, or being honest with Him. Where my true problem lies was simply with giving Him my time. In other words, devotion. I do not devote enough of my time to reading my Bible and going to church. So, to answer your question, I am looking for devotion in this class. I would like to become close to God, to where time isn’t a question, it’s a habit. I would like to walk so close with Him that I naturally read my Bible every day and to where I want to be in church every time the door opens. So, I’m asking you all, please keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing so that I can have that inseparable bond with Christ. [November, 2010]

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